Information for Parents/Carers

Sports Camps



Our sports camps are located at Edgbarrow Sports Centre, Grant Road, Crowthorne, RG45 7JL.

Parents/carers should drive into the site and park where you see a space.

Registration will take place inside the sports centre’s reception area. (Please do not go to the school’s main reception)

When you drop off your children you will need to sign the register.


Drop off times are 8am or 9am, depending on which session you have booked. Please do not drop off your children earlier than these times as staff will be unavailable due to preparing the site for the day’s activities. If you arrive too early you will be required to stay with your child until the team is ready.


If you arrive late, please call 07766-747932, and a member of the team will either let you in or direct you to where we are.



Parents/carers are required to collect their children from the small hall located to the left of the sports centre’s reception area at either 4pm or 6pm, depending on the session you have booked.¬†



Children should arrive ready to take part in sports, and they should be wearing trainers. It’s sometimes useful to have spare clothing should your child become wet or muddy.

During warmer months please ensure your child is wearing a hat to protect them from the sun. You are also required to apply sunscreen before your child arrives, plus provide them with a spare bottle of sunscreen so they can reapply as required.

During cooler months please ensure your child is wearing layers, a waterproof jacket is also useful. 

FOOTBALL CAMP: We insist that children wear shin pads when we play football, so please ensure your child has a pair. Football camp takes place on astro pitches, astro boots/trainers are OK to wear, but no studded boots are allowed. Football Camp is all-weather, so please ensure your child has a waterproof coat; if the weather is particularly bad we will relocate indoors.


Children should bring a packed lunch. All children should bring snacks for mid-morning/afternoon breaks, and a non-fizzy drink in their own drinks bottle. We supply water refills as required throughout the day.


Please call 07766-747932 and leave a message should you need to speak with a member of the StepUp team. Messages will be checked and responded to during breaks/lunch. If you need to speak to us urgently, please send a text message requesting an urgent call back.


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