Summer Camp 2020 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How will StepUp ensure camps are safe to attend in the current climate?

We have already operated two successful camps during the Covid-19 outbreak, these were for the children of key workers and they ran over the Easter holiday and May half term. Additionally, many of the StepUp senior team currently work in schools that are also operating under new operating measures. Some of our plans include:

Staggered drop off and collection times.  Parents can drop off anytime between 8.30am and 9.30am, and collect anytime between 4.00pm and 6.00pm. Having staggered times will limit the number of people arriving/departing at the same time and supports social distancing between parents.

Creating bubbles that will remain unique. Children will be grouped into a bubble that will consist of 15 children and 2 staff members, this group will remain the same for the full 3/5 day camp. Each bubble will have their own indoor and outdoor space, plus they will have their own range of equipment and resources.

Multiple drop off/collection zones. Each bubble will have their own drop off and collection zone to further limit the number of families gathering in one place at the same time.

Clear signage. Posters will be in place to remind parents, children and staff of the Covid Secure protocols in place. This includes reminders on social distancing, regular hand washing, and the cleaning of equipment.

Enhanced Personal Hygiene. Staff and children will be asked to wash their hands for a minimum of 20-seconds upon arrival at camp. Staff and children will be asked to wash their hands when indoors, or have their hands sanitised when outdoors, on the hour every hour. Children and staff will be asked to wash their hands for a minimum of 20-seconds before leaving for home.

Contactless Registration. Parents will not need to sign the daily register, instead staff will note the child’s arrival. If someone other the parent or other authorised (and known to staff), adult is due to collect, the person dropping off will need to inform the staff member and provide a password to be used at collection. Password collection is only necessary where we do not already know the authorised adult.

Staff Training. All staff have (or will have before camp starts), received training on our new procedures to ensure they fully understand the steps needed to provide the Covid Secure environment we promise to deliver.

Adapted Programme. We have created a summer programme that offers an excellent blend of what children have come to expect from a StepUp camp, with activities that reduce close contact and the excessive sharing of equipment.  Coupled with this is the introduction of the ‘foot tap’ – which will replace the usual high 5s.

Enhanced Cleaning. We have delayed opening until 8.30am so that staff have extra time each morning to clean equipment, resources, and venue hot spots. These hot spots include, but not limited to, door handles, door plates, light switches, taps, toilet flushes, remote controls, door keypads, tables and chairs.

What procedures are in place if someone displays Covid-19 symptoms?

Isolation Room. If a child at camp begins to display symptoms they will be escorted to our isolation room where they will wait until collected by a parent. A member of staff will monitor the child in isolation, and full PPE will be provided to the member of staff if required.  Should the child in isolation need the toilet, they will be asked to use a toilet designated for isolation room use only; this toilet with be cleaned and disinfected as soon as the child has been collected.

Covid-19 Testing. The parent of a child that spends time in the isolation room will be required to have their child tested for Covid-19, and the results must be shared with StepUp. Should the test be positive, all children and staff within the same bubble as the ill child will need to go home and self isolate for 14 days. Should this happen, a credit note will be offered for the remaining days that are missed.

The same procedure will be followed if a member of staff falls ill with Covid-19 symptoms.

Why can I not just book a single day at camp?

We need to ensure the bubbles we create are unique for that week. Allowing for ad hoc or single day bookings would, in our view, encourage the potential for cross contamination on a wider scale, and make track and trace more difficult to manage.

How will the waitlist work?

We are currently planning on operating 4 bubbles each week, but we may have the capacity to increase this to 6 bubbles should there be the demand. If when logging into our booking system you find the camp you want is fully booked, please select the waitlist option for that camp, and ensure you follow the booking process through to the payment page. There is no charge for joining the waitlist, but if you exit the system before reaching the payment screen your waitlist request will not be saved.

When you complete your waitlist booking it provides us with a date and time stamp, will we use this to offer newly available places on a strict first come first served basis.

If you are on the waitlist and no longer plan on attending camp, please let us know so we can remove you from the list and offer any available places to the next person.

If you are successfully offered a place at camp you will need to confirm this offer by making your payment within 24-hours. If payment has not been received you will lose your place and it will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

Why are parents who choose bank transfer, childcare vouchers, or the tax-free scheme now being asked to make payment within 7 days or lose their booking?

Over the years we have seen an increase in the number of parents selecting these payment options in order to secure their place, only to then either not show up or cancel at the last minute. As no payment was ever made we have no right to request a cancellation or no show payment. This not only leaves us with a financial burden, but it often means there’s a child sat at home who wanted to attend camp, but couldn’t if that date was showing as being fully booked.

Given the restricted numbers we can accept at Summer Camp 2020, and considering the waitlist we know we will have, all bookings must show as ‘PAID’ on the system within 7-days of the booking being made. Any booking that is still showing as unpaid may be cancelled by us and the space offered to someone on the waitlist.